Sliding Mirror Door Installation

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Here’s our detailed how to illustrated guide to a simple sliding mirror door installation. Precise fitting of your mirror doors will give you years of trouble free sliding storage space.

The tracks allow the doors to smoothly by pass each other. The doors are carried by wheeled bottom rollers. The top track features 2 channels allowing the doors to pass each other.

Each door is held in place by nylon top guides, meaning all the sliding door weight is distributed evenly over the bottom sliding panel track.

sliding mirror door installation

1. Cut the tracks

First of all, measure the width of the opening at top and bottom, and reduce the lengths measured by about 2-3 mm. Measure off the required track length, marking the future cut line on the tracks. Use a fine-toothed metal cutting saw to cut off the redundant part of the tracks.

Advice: The tracks to be installed are supplied about 50 mm longer than the opening width. This spare length will make it possible to avoid measurement errors and it is easy to trim. Take care not to damage the track surface while cutting. In order to facilitate top track cutting, insert 38 mm thick wood blocks or a reversed piece of the track into the track. This will prevent track deflection during the cutting process.

2. Install the top track

Fix the top track with screws, offsetting its flat surface by 5 mm from the door face (inwards). Install the top track with the shade line facing forward in order to mask ceiling irregularities.

Advice: Before you start installation use a detector to make sure there is no electrical wiring at the screw fixing points. Avoid applying excessive force when tightening screws to prevent track deformation. Use flat-head screws for best results. The surface to which the track is fixed must not be curved.

3. Install the door

Lay the bottom track on the floor, offsetting it about 27 mm from the door face (inwards). Use a Philips screwdriver and the
adjusting bolt to move bottom rollers out about 10 mm. Fully insert the door leaf in the top track, taking care not to damage the bottom rollers, then align the bottom end of the door leaf with the bottom track and slowly lower the leaf, letting the rollers snap into the track guides.

Advice: Before you install the doors, put a cardboard sheet on the bottom track to prevent damage to track surface. When the doors are already in position, remove the protective cardboard.

4. Install the bottom track

Use a level to make sure the door is exactly plumb; move the bottom track as necessary. Check if the door travels smoothly along the entire width of the opening. Having precisely set the bottom track, fasten it to the floor. Having installed the track, put the other door leaves in their respective tracks.

Advice: Before you fix the bottom track, make sure that it is positioned exactly parallel to the top track. Avoid applying excessive force when tightening screws to prevent track deformation. Use flat–head screws for best results.

5. Adjust door position

Finally, adjust door position using a Philips screwdriver and the adjusting bolts in the bottom rollers so that the doors fit tightly against the wall along the entire length. Door-to-floor clearance is adjustable between 10 and 40 mm (2 to 32 mm from the bottom track).

6. Fix the buffer brush (Optional Deluxe Pack)

Having competed the sliding mirror door installation, remove protective backing from the door profiles. With the backing removed, you can fix the buffer strips. To ensure good adhesion of the brush strips to the profiles, gently clean the profiles with alcohol or white spirit. Fix the strips, working from top to bottom. Cut off excess strip.

7. Fix the buffer strip clip (Optional Deluxe Pack)

To fix the clip the door must first be installed and adjusted. After that operation, fix the buffer strip and then mount the clip. For easier and correct installation, we recommend that the door should be taken off the tracks.

8. Installation of the soft closer. (Deluxe Pack) – Start at point 4!


Congratulations! You have completed your sliding mirror door installation.

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