Bifold Mirror Door Installation Instructions

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Here’s our detailed how to illustrated guide to a simple bifold mirror door installation. Precise fitting of your mirror doors will give you years of trouble free storage space.

The tracks allow the doors to smoothly open. The doors are carried by wheeled bottom rollers. 

Each door is held in place by nylon top guides, meaning all the door weight is distributed evenly over the bottom sliding panel track.

Bifold mirrored doors for wardrobe


Bottom pivot pin block (prefitted into top of door) Bottom pivot pin block for a bifold mirror door
Bottom Pivot Socket (screws into floor, pivot hole about 39mm away from frame, but needs individual adjustment) Bottom pivot socket for a bifold mirror door
Locator (screws into floor, do this last) Locator for a bifold mirror door
Positioner (goes on end of top track before fitting. Don’t tighten the two Allen screws until installation complete) Positioner for a bifold mirror door
Roller (goes in top track to the inside of the positioner) Roller for a bifold mirror door
Top pivot pin block (prefitted to top of door) Top pivot pin block for a bifold mirror door
Top pivot socket (fit into top track) Top pivot socket for a bifold mirror door

1. Cut the top single suspended track

Carefully measure the width of the opening at top and reduce the length measured by about 2-3 mm. Measure off the required track length, marking the future cut line on the tracks. Use a fine-toothed metal cutting saw to cut off the redundant part of the track.

Advice: The tracks to be installed are supplied about 50 mm longer than the opening width. This spare length will make it possible to avoid measurement errors and it is easy to trim. Take care not to damage the track surface while cutting. In order to facilitate top track cutting, insert 38 mm thick wood blocks or a reversed piece of track into the track. This will prevent track deflection during the cutting process.

Cut top top track when installing bifold mirror doors

2. Install the top track

Before installing the top track, insert the pivot socket, the roller and the positioner into the track. Fix the top track by offsetting it’s face by 9mm

Note: Before inserting the rollers, clean the inside of the suspended top tack of any dust that may have accumulated. Avoid applying excessive force when tightening the screws to prevent track deformation. Use cheese head screws for best results. The surface to which the track is fixed must be straight and level. If required, shim between the existing door frame and track, so the track is horizontally level. THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR A GOOD INSTALLATION

Install top track for bifold mirror doors

3. Install the bottom pivot socket

Determine a plane running vertically along the centre of the top track (e.g. using a plumb line). Position the bottom pivot socket at a distance of 39mm from the side wall of the recess. If your wooden frame is level to the horizontal along the top and the frame is square, then you can just measure form the frame recess at the bottom and it should be in line with the top. The important thing though is that the top guide is horizontally aligned and that the bottom pivot is in line vertically with the top pivot.

Note: When fixing the hinge, set the screws at the centre of the oblong holes, which will enable you to adjust the position in both directions

Install bottom pivot socket for bifold mirror doors

4. Set the door in place

Fold the door and set it in place so that the bottom pivot pin sits in the socket. Screw the top roller bolt into the mounting block using a 7mm open-ended spanner. Using a 13mm open-ended spanner, unscrew the pivot pin of the top pivot block into the socket. Move the locating screw block to the stile and fasten the block. Determine the final door height and set it symmetrically in the opening. Use a level to plumb the door, repositioning the top pivot socket if necessary. Fasten the top pivot socket and lock all nuts.

Set door in place fitting bifold mirror doors

5. Adjust door

By turning the top and bottom pivot pins adjust the door vertically so that it’s next to the wall when closed. Fasten the top and bottom pivot sockets to keep them in place. Close the door and adjust the top roller axle so that the door weight is distributed between the door hinge and the roller. By turning the pivot pins the door to floor clearance can be adjusted by 7-17mm

Adjust door fitting bifold mirror doors

6. Fix the bottom locater

Close the door when adjusted, align the locator with the locating screw. Mark the position of the locator and open the door. Fix the locator to the floor with screws.

Fix bottom locator when fitting bifold mirror doors
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