To give you even more choice with your mirror door kit, we’ve launched phase 2 of our website this week to include wall and floor liners; end panels, more colours and a cool aluminium upgrade.

Floor and Wall Liners

Wall & Floor Liners for mirror door kit

Wall & Floor Liners

Are your walls wonky? Or your floor uneven? You can now order floor and wall liners with your mirror doors. A Floor/Wall liner is used to provide a neat professional finish to your sliding door wardrobes.

They are also useful for dealing with any irregularities in walls and you pack to level up the floor if required. Please ensure you allow for the wall/floor liners in your measurements.

Length White 2620mm; Oak and walnut 2800mm x 90mm x 18mm. Liners will require cutting to size before fitting.

End Panels

End panel for mirror door kit

End Panel

Maybe your mirror door kit is not going wall to wall? We’ve added end panels, can use 1 or 2 end panels to make an artificial end for your doors to close against.

Length White 2620mm; Oak and walnut 2800mm x 610mm x 18mm. End panels will require cutting to size before fitting.

Aluminium Upgrade

Looking for that little bit more luxury with your mirror sliding door system? Why not upgrade to our aluminium system and include…
• A premium door system, with a whisper quiet running action.
• Running gear is integrated into the frame.
• Mirror is held in place with silicon gaskets.
• Rust free, ideal for use in humid environment such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Frame Colours

Because you asked, we listened. By popular demand we can now offer a wider range of frame colours in the steel system. We’ve added oak and walnut with our mirror door kit to complement our woodgrain liners and end panels.



Find all these options and more in our mirror door shop.

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